About us

The Older Feminist Network (OFN) was formed in 1982 as an initiative from Spare Rib magazine’s collective and has met regularly ever since.

We felt that the larger Women’s Liberation Movement wasn’t giving sufficient attention and value to the experiences and needs of older women.

Many of us have experienced ageist attitudes and behaviour in the movement as well as in society generally. We are making links with younger and older women in other organisations and in other countries by exchanging newsletters and information to counter the negative stereotypes of older women in society and to challenge the combined ageism/sexism which older women experience. We also act in solidarity with younger women.

OFN Communications: The printed OFN Newsletter has been our primary means of communication since the beginning. However, we also embrace the digital age with a colourful email version that, on our very limited budget, saves the costs of printing and, particularly, the increasingly huge cost of postage. For older OFN members who are not technologically minded or who do not have ready access to a computer, we send out a printed copy.  We do suggest that if you can read the email copy, we'd appreciated keeping down the number of printed copies by sending you copy by email.

In addition, you are reading this, our continually updated website. and from this month, June 2016, we are creating the OFN Bulletin. This is sent out when needed to advertise activities or events between Newsletters, it also means that we are a much more effective campaigning organisation since we can quickly contact our members. By subscribing to the Newsletter which costs £10 per annum, you will receive both the Newsletter and the Bulletin.  If you would like to subscribe, please click here and send an email to Irena.

We always welcome contributions to the Newsletter and these should be sent to ofn.newsletter@gmail.com

Our meetings are held on the second Saturday of every month, from 11.30 am – 4.30 pm at the Millman Street Community Centre, Millman Street, London WC1N 3EW (see map on the right). There is an announcement on the website front page about topics and timings. Please bring lunch to share. 

Please talk to friends, colleagues, relatives, and lovers about the OFN and distribute our leaflet.

 All older women are welcome at our meetings and we embrace women from all backgrounds. There is no age restriction and 'older' is self defined.

We are wheelchair accessible


OFN London Meetings Venue - Map and Directions

Community Centre:

50 Millman Street, London WC1 3EW (set back between flats 32 and 38)

Entering Millman street from Guilford Street, the Centre is on the left. 

Entering from Great James Street/ Rugby Street,the Centre is on the right.

Ring the bell for Trade (before 12 noon),

Community Centre (after 12 noon). After entering, go straight to the end of the passage and turn left. Go straight down the ramp, past the Montessori Nursery, to the Community Centre at the bottom.

Nearest Underground stations:

Russell Square, Euston, Kings Cross