Our members are strong, feisty women who aren't going to let a little piece of technology get in the way of our meeting each other. This means over the recent Covid crisis many of us have conquered Zoom and others are getting there.

One of the silver linings to this Covid cloud, is that women whose challenges meant they couldn't attend the meetings in person can now join us online.
We continue to meet online
and are again meeting face to face in London.

Planned meetings
July 23rd Zoom speaker Marianne Stevenson, who's from the Women's Budget Group

Recent meetings in 2022
Build a carebot art-activity in person.
WASPI speaker
Speaker from
Campaign against Porn Robots

All older women are welcome at our meetings and we embrace women from all backgrounds. There is no age restriction and 'older' is self defined. Our meetings are held on one or two Saturdays each month, from 11am to 1pm online and from 12-4pm in person.
Please tell other older feminists about the OFN ************************